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    Your tailor-made Event App
    and Community Building solution
    Learn how SUMMEET can help your brand get a new boost
    and infuse dynamism in the way you and your affiliates communicate.

Practical info

Disseminate information about your organisation to your affiliates and to prospects.

Sponsors and partners

Promote and give visibility to your sponsors and business partners.

Event management

Give a modern and complete mobile experience to the events you organise.

Working groups

Organise your affiliates into workgroups to let them network all year round.

Your identity
You will get an App with your name, your logo, your theme
Your App
App Store and Play Store pages
Your Organisation
Your brand comes first.

Complete Mobile Experience


Change the way you and your affiliates interact all year long. Give them access to a mobile app where several events and working groups can be organized and accessible in parallel in the same App, open or restricted to certain users depending on the administrator's choice. Below are some of the main features available throughout the App.




Give your participants the ability to connect each-other. They will be more efficient in creating leads using the app search.


Search & Filtering

Creating good leads has never been easier. Through the application's search engine, look for interesting profiles.



Moving around in an unknown city can be tiresome. Summeet gives suggestions of nearby places of interest to your attendees.



Generate your event's schedule through the agenda interface and let your attendees to pick and export the sessions in to their calendar.




Create meaningful discussions boards where your users can interact in a structured way.


Info, News & Updates

Organise your content easily! When a new article is ready, schedule it for publication and notify your users with push notifications.


Polls & Surveys

No event is complete without feedback from the attendees. Use the admin interface to distribute surveys through the app.



Being close to your attendees is key for a successful event. Answer their every need through our Helpdesk features.





You will get immediate feedback on how the attendees are using the app in real time: Number of connected users, count how many times a post has been opened. Study click and tap usage reports of attendees in the mobile event app and see counts of total and unique clicks in different sections of the event app. Preview the total installation counts and download statistics onto Excel files for further analysis.

Build polls and survey to animate a talk or to get feedback. Attendees will be notified when a new survey is available to them and get immediate feedback results.

Reat-time Stats


Respects privacy

SUMMEET is the tool to enhance your event's experience

Try now the powerful features of SUMMEET!